Thinking about blogging

As I’ve grown to love the laziness levels allowed by Tumblr and the power of the “reblog” it’s made it hard to want to sit down and make myself type up some original thoughts.
So much has happened over the last few months; my mom visited and we partied.









Angie, Tracey and I made a mockumentary about the Pizza Ghost. #pizzaghost


I crocheted a granny square a day for an entire month.





And much much more.
These all could have been individual, adorable posts and they kind of we’re on Tumblr. See what I mean? Why doesn’t Instagram have a “share” function set up with WordPress? Wouldn’t that just make sense?

Anyway- I haven’t decided what I want to do exactly.

I’m trying out the new WordPress app on my phone, because if I’m honest that’s the real reason it’s so much simpler to “tumbl.”

I don’t have to pull out my laptop, find my charging chord, etc. I can do everything from photo and video editing to posting – right from my phone.

The old WordPress app was horrid, so I never got in the habit, but this new interface is promising so we’ll see.

I may even post twice today because I have flying anxiety and should be packing instead.

That’s how I roll.

Stockholm Syndrome


I finally finished the Stockholm scarf and it’s pretty rad if I do say so myself.

I did accidentally snipped a vital scarf organ while weaving in the ends. It created a quarter-sized fucking hole that I only noticed when I started to show it off to my BFFs at lunch today.
It was horrible and I was probably horrible company for the rest of the day.

I had to perform surgery. It was heart stopping.

Now if only I can train my eyes not to look for the Frankensteinian patch-up.

I may do another of these. It was a challenging-at-first than slightly tedious pattern, but I really like the result.

The Craft

Long sigh.
I was on a roll for a minute there – at least over at On the Rag Mag, but ya’ know what? Meow meow. Shit happens.
I’ve been otherwise occupied with some of my favorite old lady activities.

In my brain I wanted to knit and/or crochet all summer, but my body, hormones, whatever just wouldn’t allow it. I kept my “knitting bag’ out in the front room in hopes that the mood would strike, but it mostly just sat there.

As I’ve emerged from the fog of suck that was 2013 I’ve gotten back to it and have been a busy, little non-granny.

I finished my first ever afghan. It’s for my nephew, Munch. I love these colors together, but I can’t take credit for their cuteness – they actually match the decor in his room.
I’m really proud of it and kind of miss it actually.
The yarn I used is a cotton/poly blend so it won’t be too hot for my little Florida buddy.



I crocheted a (giant) infinity scarf for Melissa. It turned out a little wonky, but you can’t really tell. I used a giant hook (size N) and some really soft Roving yarn.

My current project is a lace-pattern infinity “Stockholm” scarf for myself. It’s a free pattern by Julie Crawford at Knitted Bliss. I actually started this pattern as it’s written (knit two pieces and sew together), but made a mistake on a bad day and ripped the whole thing out.

When I started over, I borrowed an adjusted pattern to knit the whole scarf in the round as one piece and bypass the whole “sew together” part. I’m really glad I did it this way. It’s a lot….a lot….a lot of stitches, but it’s worked up much quicker than I imagined.

I’ve got about two more inches to go before I’m finished.

One thing I’ve learned from this project is that I’ve been doing knit-wise yarn overs a weird way for the past decade. It’s not my fault – Youtube didn’t exist back when I was teaching myself. Anyway – so the holes are super tiny on the knit side. I’ll have to do some blocking when I’m done.

20140109-135419.jpgAnyway – wasn’t that fascinating?