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Taco Surprise

I’ve resurrected Lateshoes once again. We’ll see if I’m able to keep up posting here with any sort of regularity. Let’s “ketchup” list style: I’m still crocheting a lot. Me, Shannon and Angie are Granny Square O’rama-ing. Three Random Granny Squares per week. No repeated patterns. Some weeks the patterns are…


Shit Week – A Tiny Video Mix tape

This week sucked. I’m a really good writer. Here are some videos I’ve been watching/ listening to on repeat. Next week will be completely rad. Chill out with these babies expressing the inner doo-doo of my soul and have a great weekend. All I want to do is get high…


Boomerang Fish Tacos

Sometimes when I get home from work I feel like I’ve been smacked all day in the face with Lew Zealand’s boomerang fish. Without going into any details, I’ll just say that the environment has become a bit toxic of late. Expertise and hard work are not as valued as they once…


How am I supposed to live without you

Only two more weeks before the Hawaiian Shave Ice shacks close up for the winter and honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through because shave ice is literally the only thing that can lift me out of the funk these days. Stressful day filled with dickheads…


Choco Taco – A Mix Tape

It’s been a rough week, dudes. Work feels overwhelming (middle management is bringing me down). I’m on the rag. The air smells like farts. People are being weird. In good news, my hair is pretty good today. Please do enjoy this mix tape I have entitled, Choco Taco. 


Lady Bits

It’s really been hard to get myself going today. Work has been unbelievably draining this week and all my brain can really handle in the off hours are Real Housewives and painting my nails. Yesterday though – there was a rally to support Planned Parenthood at the Utah State Capitol…


A list and a recipe 

1. I didn’t go to grad school. I had a major moment of clarity and backed out before the semester started. I thought about it and I really didn’t/ don’t want to be a librarian. Like…at all.  When I realized my motivation was purely the will to not being politically…


The X-Files Files Files

So as I mentioned yesterday, Lars and I have been rewatching The X-Files. Please don’t judge me, but this is probably my 8 or 9th rewatch (at least of the first 5 seasons). I started watching The X-Files the day it premiered in 1993 and I’m here to tell you…


Testing… testing. Is this thing on

There is nothing like receiving a bill from your cloud hosting service to remind you that you pay $170 per year to have your own, self hosted blog and domain name annually. So, here goes. Yesterday, Lars and I went out to dinner with our friends, the Patches. No, that’s not…

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